Why South Africa

A place of choice for your treatment


Traveling abroad to receive medical treatment is not a decision one should take lightly. If you are considering this, here are five good reasons why South Africa should be your preferred choice.


The South African healthcare system is divided into a public and a private scheme.  Whist the public sector competes with its own peers of the developing countries, the private sector – which hosts international patients – competes with well developed countries.  South Africa’s private healthcare system is one of the top healthcare system in the world. According Pool Stream Database (Monitor Group, 2008) South Africa ranks in the top 10, after Australia and Switzerland and ahead of France, UK and Germany. This ranking takes into account both health infrastructure and capabilities. Some of the well-known achievements of the country include the world’s first successful human-to-human heart transplant by Dr Christiaan Barnard in 1967.


According to the International Federation of Health Plans, South Africa offers highly affordable medical treatment in comparison to destinations such as Western Europe (France, UK, Germany, Italy, etc.) or the US. For example, a breast augmentation procedure that costs $8,000 in the UK would cost about $3,600 in South Africa. Patients in the USA who pay about $12,400 for in vitro fertilisation, a procedure that assists women to conceive, can expect to pay a third of that in South Africa.


It is common knowledge that patients in Western Europe and the US often have to endure long waiting periods before receiving the medical attention they need. In the UK for example, patients that wish to see a specialist are required to see a GP first, they are then referred to the appropriate specialist – this referral can take up to 18 weeks. Fortunately this is not the case in the South African private system, you will benefit from the speedy response to medical care. A good Medical Travel Facilitation Company – like BanaHealth – can obtain appointments with renowned specialists in a very short amount of time.


The number of medical tourists coming to South Africa has significantly increased over the past few years. The immigration legislation has recognized the need to cater for such cases. Therefore, many nationalities are exempt from the visa requirement altogether. For those who do require a visa, there are only a few non-complex requirements to fulfil in order to obtain your medical treatment visa. Your Medical Travel Facilitation Company should provide you with the required documentation.


After receiving your medical treatment or undergoing surgery, you can take advantage of the wonderful touristic attractions that South Africa has to offer. Enjoy some pampering at a relaxing spa, go shopping at Africa’s largest malls, go on a safari at a game reserve or unlock the mystery of the country of Nelson Mandela by visiting iconic places like Soweto, the Apartheid museum, etc. South Africa has much to offer to its medical tourists as they recuperate.

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