Treatment Facilitation

Obtain the right medical practitioners for you

Upon reception of your medical report, we assess and consult with our network of highly qualified medical practitioners to match you with the appropriate experts for your condition.

Provide quotations for your treatments

We liaise with the medical facilities you will be visiting and obtain quotations for your treatments. You will benefit from our preferential prices negotiated with many of them.

Organize all your medical appointments

We endeavour to book all required medical appointments within the time frame that your trip allows. This includes any follow-up appointments with your treating doctor(s) as well as visits to adjacent services such as radiologists, phlebotomists, etc.

Provide translation services at all steps

Should you not be fluent in English, an experienced facilitator from our team will translate whatever the medical practitioners wish to express to you and conversely, whatever you wish to express to them. If your medical reports from your home country need to be translated into English, we are happy to assist with that service too.

Coordinate your medical journey

From your very 1st appointment right to your return, we coordinate your medical journey at every step. We smoothen your journey into the South African health schemes – which for outsiders can be administratively complex.

Should you require further assistance i.e. repeat script medication or even follow-up questions for your treating doctor(s) etc., we are here to support you.

Travel Facilitation

Facilitate your visa obtention and extensions

We provide you with the necessary documentation to obtain your medical visa. This includes documents such as : Visa Letter, Proof of Accommodation, Appointment Letter from your treating doctor(s), etc. In case your stay needs to be extended for medical reasons, our facilitators can assist in organizing a visa extension with Home Affairs.

Assist in your flights organization

We are happy to advise you on good airlines and flight combinations that you can take to reach Johannesburg, South Africa. Leading up to your return, we will also assist you in booking/confirming your return date back home.

Organize your airport & hospital transfers

We welcome you at the airport and organize your transfer to the residence as well as all transfers to hospitals. That way, you’re sure to never miss an appointment and avoid the hassles of local public transports.


Provide accommodation

We have very comfortable apartments where you will be hosted and looked after. We also have preferential conditions with well located guesthouses and hotels should you wish for a change.

Organize your leisure activities/ tourism

As leisure is part of your recovery, we advise on nice places for you to visit, shop and, on-demand, we can organize touristic activities like safaris for you to explore the beautiful landscape South Africa offers.

We are your family away from home

If you have to spend days in hospital, we will be there for you. We are your care attendant, your emergency number, your family away from home !

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