A life of dedication

The story of Marie Ngameni

Because we care: a famous line which eventually became BanaHealth’s slogan. Those words would also be the best ones to describe how Marie founded and nurtured what is now a leading medical facilitation company in Africa.

Her adventure started fifteen years ago when, in a compassionate gesture, she volunteered to assist a friend’s sister from Cameroon to overcome her difficulties to conceive. Marie found for her a suitable fertility treatment in Johannesburg and the heart-rending journey eventually led to a new born. The news spread. The one friend became a few relatives and before she knew it, she had built a business on acts of kindness. Acts of kindness and a rare willingness to walk with suffering individuals through the painful days that accompany illness and medical intervention.

From a couch in her living room, the business grew overtime to more than a dozen residential facilities where clients from across the continent are hosted and looked after. BanaHealth network also expanded to now include the most reputable private hospitals and specialists in South Africa.

Because we care. It has always been about her patients, about the depth of care which marks her relationship with each of them. She carries them in her heart. Like a mother, their pain moves her. Their joy lifts her. The good report of their health fulfils her. And that is where all the difference is made.

Beyond the successful entrepreneur and renowned mentor, Marie is a leader in her community, a wife, a mother and a grandmother in her private life. In a quickly changing world where people have less and less time for each other, Marie and her team have made lifting others their purpose in life.  They have no better rewards than happy smiles on healed patients’ faces as they return home. Because they care.

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